• Student in Crisis

  • What Constitutes a Crisis?

    The following behaviors and/or circumstances should be considered urgent and warrant an immediate call for assistance from a counselor (sometimes Public Safety, as noted below):

    • Person is so upset s/he can't explain what is wrong
    • Person's behavior is bizarre or inappropriate to the situation
    • Person has, or appears to have, a weapon (contact Public Safety; dial 7911)
    • Person says s/he is planning suicide and has means to do it (weapon, drugs, etc.)
    • Person says s/he is planning to harm another person
    • Person stated that s/he has just been assaulted or sexually assaulted (contact Public Safety and/or counselor)
    • Person has a child or pet toward whom s/he is behaving abusively or indifferently
    • Person shows evidence of acute serious injury or illness (contact Public Safety)
    • Person has been sexually harassed recently or in the past by a MHCC staff member (refer to Counselor or Human Resources)

    You may encounter other situations that are tense, but they may not really be crises. What feels like an emergency to a distressed person, or to a staff member trying to help a distressed person, may not, in fact, be an emergency. A tearful person can be distressing, but crying is a normal expression of emotion. Nobody ever died of an emotion! It is the behavior or potential behavior that we must look at to determine how urgent a situation is.

    In any emotional situation, the person in distress should be treated respectfully and kindly. Whenever possible, find them a quiet place to sit while they wait to speak with a counselor. It is very important that you remain calm; it does not help the distressed person if those around them are agitated by their behavior.

    In the following order, please immediately refer student or connect to:

    Options Department / Contact
    Phone Hours
    #1 Career Planning and Counseling Center 503-491-7432 Monday - Friday
    8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
      If for some reason you can not connect with the Career Planning and Counseling Center office try the following numbers in order listed below.
    #2 John Hamblin, Executive Dean 503-491-7384 Monday - Friday
    8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
    #3 Ivonne Fleishman, Executive Assistant 503-491-6054 Monday - Friday
    8 a.m. - 5 p.m.