• Supervisor Toolkit 2

  • Handbook & QuickStart Guide


    IT/Email/Network On-and-Off-Boarding

    IMPORTANT: Students requiring IT network & email access must be on-and-off-boarded in a timely manner. If that doesn’t happen, students will lose access to their course emails causing a disruption to their classesthat’s because once they’ve been on-boarded, their course information and faculty communication emails are routed to those new “staff” accounts rather than their Saints account. Conversely, once they are off-boarded, all those emails are routed back to their Saints account.

    Work-Study Hours/Award Tracking

    IMPORTANT: Supervisors and students are alone responsible for tracking Work-Study hours. This will not be done for you, and you will not be notified if a student goes over their award amount. If a student does work over their allotted award, the supervisor’s department will be invoiced for any overage. Please use this Excel spreadsheet to track all Work-Study hours. If you have questions about award amounts, or tracking awards/hours, please email, studentemployment@mhcc.edu.

    • Excel Work-Study Award Tracker-coming soon!

    Student Employment Forms