• Surgical Technology Program Admission Criteria

  • The Surgical Technology program is restricted entry and applicants to the program must meet certain criteria before their application will be considered. Currently, the program admits 20 students every Fall term.

    The Surgical Technology program at MHCC is six quarters in length leading to an Associate of Applied Science degree. MHCC offers the only regionally accredited Associated of Applied Science Degree program in Surgical Technology in Oregon. The program is taught by qualified professional instructors with years of clinical experience. The program curriculum follows the Association of Surgical Technologists Core Curriculum. The program combines academic study with clinical practice in area hospitals. Prior to graduation, the student will sit for the national certification exam.

    The program has been accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) since 1978. The Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP), in collaboration with the American College of Surgeons (ACS) and the Association of Surgical Technologists (AST), which sponsor the Accreditation Review Council on Education in Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (ARC/STSA), is the accrediting agency that acts on the accreditation recommendations formulated by the ARC/STSA. The ARC/STSA address is 6 West Dry Creek Circle, Suite 110, Littleton, Colorado, 80120. The ARC/STSA phone number is 303-694-9262; their website is Accreditation Review Council on Education in Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting.

    Important Note: Some external links may be inaccessible. People requiring accommodations due to a disability should contact Accessible Education Services at 503-491-6923 or aes@mhcc.edu.

    The information below is based on application requirements for Fall term 2021 admission. To be eligible to apply, applicants must show they meet the requirements described below by the application deadline date of April 16, 2021. 

    Phase 1 Admission Requirements

    1. Required coursework to apply

    • WR115 or WR121 with a “C” grade or better (or placement* into WR121 on or after 4/16/2016)
    • MTH058 or MTH065 or higher with a “C” grade or better (Please note, MTH058 from PCC does not satisfy the math requirement.)
    • BI231 Human Anatomy & Physiology I with a “C” grade or better completed no earlier than Winter term 2014 and no later than Winter term 2021
    • BI234 Microbiology with a “C” grade or better completed no earlier than Winter term 2014 and no later than Spring term 2021 (this course can still be in progress at the time of application but proof of registration needs to be submitted)

    *See “Additional Information to meet Admissions Requirements” at the end of this page for placement guidelines.

    2. Prerequisite GPA requirement

    Applicants must have a GPA of at least a 2.5 in their math and biology prerequisite courses. Applicants with a 2.0-2.49 prerequisite GPA may apply but priority consideration is given to applicants who have the minimum 2.5 prerequisite GPA.

    3. Written Exercise: Surgical Technologist Job Description

    Applicants are REQUIRED to complete the written requirements outlined below and upload with their application. Submissions must be typed and written in your own words.

    1. Demonstrate that you have researched the profession of Surgical Technology by creating a job description for the Surgical Technologist. The job description must include the following categories:
    • Job Title                                                                           
    • Required Qualifications                             
    • Required Personal Characteristics 
    • Wages                                                                 
    • Work Hours
    • Examples of Places of Employment
    • Description of the Working Environment/Conditions
    • Duties/Roles and Responsibilities
    • Requirements for Obtaining and Maintaining National Certification
    • Description of Physical Demands
    1. Please explain….
    • Why you feel that Surgical Technology would be the right profession for you.
    • Describe how you meet the required demands of the program and the career for a Surgical Technologist.
    • Please provide examples.
    1. Cite at least three resources (required).

    Resources may include employment ads, online resources such as www.glassdoor.com; www.ast.org; www.nbstsa.org; or interviews with surgical technologists.

    4.    Application submission and application fee

    The application will be available by January at https://mhcc.edu/SurgTechApplication. Applicants must also pay the $25 non-refundable application fee and upload their payment receipt.

    Phase 2 Interview and Proctored Essay

    All applications that are considered complete (all required materials submitted) by the application deadline will be evaluated by the program faculty committee to determine the candidates invited to participate in Phase 2. Applicants selected for an interview will participate in a group style interview and proctored essay. After all interviews are held, up to 20 applicants are officially admitted into the program. Up to 10 qualified candidates will be offered an alternate position in the program. Alternates are only offered a position in the program if any of the accepted applicants decline a position in the program. 

    Additional Information to meet Admissions Requirements:

    Placement Options*:

    • The Accuplacer College Placement Test (CPT) is a non-timed skills assessment test. For more information visit: https://www.mhcc.edu/TestingServices/
    • Applicants are encouraged to review the CPT prep page available at mhcc.edu/cptprep.
    • CPT scores are valid for five years and cannot be older than 4/16/16. If it is older, the CPT will need to be taken again.
    • Mt. Hood Community College uses Accuplacer as our placement test. If you took this test at another school, or if you took a COMPASS test since 4/16/16, please have that school email a copy of your score report to Testing Services at testing@mhcc.edu. Placement test scores do not appear on your transcript. For more information contact the testing center: https://www.mhcc.edu/TestingServices.
    • Smarter Balanced scores will also be accepted.
    •  Self-placement, high school GPA and GED scores are not accepted.

    Transcript Requirements:

    • Transcripts with prerequisite coursework must be official (unopened) and issued directly by the accredited institution from which the course(s) were taken. Official electronic transcripts (e-transcripts such as Parchment or EDI) submitted via secure electronic delivery service are acceptable and must be sent directly from the college to: ar@mhcc.edu.
    • Do NOT include an MHCC transcript.
    • Coursework showing as transferred from one institution to another is not accepted. Original transcripts must accompany all earned, attempted, or audited college credits.
    • Nationally accredited (for-profit institutions) transcripts are not required and will not fulfill program or degree requirements and do not need to be submitted.
    • If an up-to-date transcript is on file (showing most recently completed coursework with nothing in progress) applicants do not need to submit another copy. Courses may be in progress at the time of application submission but an updated transcript showing posted grades for the required coursework for Winter term 2021 must be received by the application deadline. If BI234 (Microbiology) is in progress Spring term 2021, an updated transcript will be required if accepted to the program.
    • Transcripts from foreign institutions must be evaluated before the application deadline by an outside credential services if courses are to be used for meeting admission/degree requirements. The evaluated transcript must be submitted by the application deadline for the program. For more information visit: www.mhcc.edu/internationaltranscript. Evaluation processing for foreign transcripts is time consuming, and our process could take up to six weeks. It is best to start this process early.

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