• Six TRIO Students Receive Ford Family Foundation Scholarships

    Six students who excelled through MHCC’s TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) program have been awarded the Ford Family Foundation Scholarship and are among only 197 recipients in the state of Oregon.

    Founded by Kenneth and Hallie Ford in 1957, the foundation supports rural communities in Southwest Oregon, and has since grown to help students from across the state overcome socioeconomic and other traditional barriers to finishing college degrees. Students are selected through a rigorous process on the merits of their academic potential, character and commitment to give back to their communities. The scholarship covers 90% of educational costs from the college’s cost of attendance (tuition, fees, room and board, personal costs) for up to $40,000 per year.

    “It is completely breathtaking to hear six of our TRIO SSS students received such a prestigious scholarship,” said Roseann Rivera, director of MHCC TRIO programs. “I am so proud of all our TRIO students, staff and TRIO supporters across the MHCC community and beyond."

    The jubilation was also intense for TRIO’s advisors, whose students’ successes felt like a culmination of their shared academic journey, with its many obstacles but profound moments of growth along the way. One of the advisors, Jonathan Straus, who also serves as TRIO’s learning specialist, remarked “seeing our students’ elation at shattering ceilings and reaching milestones they could barely imagine were possible, often accompanied with exuberant hugs or heartfelt thank you notes, is one of the most rewarding, affirming parts of my job.”

    TRIO-SSS is seeking to help another amazing cohort of students pursue their college dreams. Interested in learning more? Call 503-491-7688 or email TRIO.programs@mhcc.edu. The TRIO Student Success Center, located at AC 3303, on the upper floor above the library is always open to visitors.