• Veterans Deferred Payment Note

  • Eligibility

    A student may defer their tuition/fees payment if:

    1. They register using an official social security number.
    2. They have a certificate of eligibility - see the staff in the Veterans Services office.
    3. No other monies are owed to the college. All prior unpaid balances owed on a Veterans Deferred Payment Note must be paid in full before they register for a new term. This restriction applies even though their registration date may come before the payment date shown on their note.


    Students are enrolled in a Veterans Deferred Payment Note by staff in the Veterans Services office. Students cannot enroll in the plan without their assistance.

    Each student is required to complete the top section of the Veterans Deferred Payment form. The information required is:

    1. Full name
    2. Social Security number
    3. Permanent address
    4. Home telephone number
    5. Work telephone number
    6. Drivers License # and the state of issue
    7. Three references:
      1. Employer name, address and business telephone number
      2. Name of nearest relative, address and telephone number
      3. Name of a Friend/relative who does not live with the student, address and telephone number
    8. Return form in person to the Veterans Services office, prior to the payment due date
    9. Tuition is to be paid in equal installments by the required payment dates

    Agreements and Covenants

    By enrolling in the Veterans Deferred Payment Note, the student would be agreeing to the following agreements and covenants:

    The student understands and agrees that they are entering into an educational loan for educational benefit with MHCC that is non-dischargeable under Section 523(a) (8) of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. They agree that payment of tuition and fees for the term shown on the veterans deferred payment note are deferred and payable in two installments subject to the terms contained in the note. They understand that if they add, drop or incur institutional charges, resulting in an increase or decrease of the total charges, the veterans deferred payment note will be adjusted to reflect the changes to the total amount due. The student understands that the note is a legal debt owed to the college, which can be reduced only by payment, in the form of a check, cash or bankcard.

    Students under 18 years of age will be held liable for the contract as an educational loan under Oregon Revised Statues 348105.

    If a balance is remaining after the final installment date, the student will be in default of their note and withdrawn from the plan. MHCC will withhold future registration and use legally authorized procedures to effect collections without prior notification. In the event of default, the student agrees to pay all reasonable collection costs and attorneys fees, whether or not suit or action is filed and if suit or action is filed, also promise to pay all reasonable attorney’s fees to be fixed by the trial court, and if any appeal is taken from any decision of the trial court, such further sum as may be fixed by the appellate court. If the note is placed in the hands of an attorney and/or collection agency, the student agrees and promises to pay all collection and court costs. The student also authorizes MHCC to use their social security number for internal and external credit reporting and collection purposes for all charges incurred.

    The student agrees to keep their address and email address updated within MHCC’s records as long as any part of their indebtedness remains unpaid.

    The students understand that there is no reduction in their financial obligation if they do not attend class, or if they stop payment on a check, unless they officially drop or withdraw from class (es) either in person at the Student Services Center or by using on-line services within the refund period as indicated on the student course and fee statement. All tuition and/or fees deferred will remain owing if the class (es) is dropped after the refund period.

    The student understands and agrees that MHCC will withhold transcripts and/or grades until the balance owing is paid in full.