• GPA and Course Requirements

  • Veteran Services at MHCC handles VA educational paperwork, changes in program and problems with late or in-appropriate benefit checks. The office also can refer students to agencies specializing in discharge upgrading, military-related problems, disability ratings, psychological and Drug/Alcohol counseling. The employees in this office are not VA employees; instead they work for Mt Hood Community College processing certification required by the VA for the payment of benefits under the G.I. Bill.

    GPA and Course Requirements

    The Veterans' Administration Regional Office, located in Muskogee, Oklahoma, keeps a central file on each person receiving benefits and all enrollment information must first be processed by the college before any award is made.

    The veteran's office continually audits the transcripts of each student receiving VA benefits to ensure that the veteran's work leads toward the stated degree. All classes must be taken for credit and applied towards the degree on file with the VA. If a class is not required for the degree declared to the VA (not the college) it cannot be certified for the VA. Attendance in classes is mandatory to continue receiving benefits. Distance education by federal law is defined as: web, hybrid and independent study. Many of these sections are offered at Mt Hood Community College and do qualify for benefits. There are stipulations and regulations on how these classes are counted depending on which benefit you are collecting. Contact the Veteran Services Office at veteran.services@mhcc.edu

    GPA Requirements:
    To continue using your veteran benefits you must maintain a 2.00 session GPA. Failure to maintain this GPA will be reported to the VA and may cause an overpayment of and/or stoppage of payments. Attendance in all classes is mandatory. Instructors will be contacted if a grade of F or U is posted to verify that the student attended classes. Students with no-show attendance will be reported to the VA.

    If you are having a problem in a class or need help with tutoring or other resources please contact us as soon as possible. We are here to help you stay in school and be successful.