• Our Facility

  • All art classes are held in the Visual Arts mall, an idyllic cluster of loft-style studio classrooms situated in a serene wooded area on the east side of campus. Eight buildings make up the mall: The Visual Arts Gallery (which includes a Mac Lab classroom), the ceramics studio and adjoining kiln yard, the drawing studio, design studio, jewelry studio, painting studio, printmaking studio, and sculpture studio with adjoining foundry yard.

    Our ceramic facility is recognized as one of the best in the nation and includes our main classroom studio for hand-building and wheel-throwing work and two kiln yards. Currently we have two new gas kilns, a large wood kiln, a soda kiln an electric kiln.

    The sculpture yard and studio includes a foundry furnace area and burnout kiln designed for large scale sculpture, Raku and bronze casting. Students have access to extensive wood, plaster, metal and ceramics materials to explore a variety of techniques and tools.

    The printmaking studio consists of two large-scale presses, an etching bath and galley table seating for students. The equipment supports the traditional mediums of relief, intaglio, lithography and silkscreen as well as digital techniques and photo processes.

    The jewelry studio has 12 jeweler’s benches each equipped with a fles-shaft and lamp. There are xx dedicated acetylene torch soldering stations and two mini-torch stations. The studio is equipped with two rolling mills, polishing machines, rotary and vibratory tumblers, pickle pots, etching tank, drill press, belt sanders, grinder and anodizer.