• Program Details

  • Thank you for your interest in the Wilderness Leadership and Experiential (WLEE) program at Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC).

    It is important to understand the mental and physical demands of the WLEE program. Applicants to the WLEE program must be physically and mentally able to cope with the rigors of the curriculum and the demanding nature of the profession. Students should be able to perform several physical tasks including swimming 100 yards, lifting 50 pounds, hike for up to eight hours a day over a distance of 10-15 miles a day, and have the ability to live and perform in a variety of environments.


    Program Overview:

    The MHCC Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education (WLEE) program will foster the education of individuals to become outdoor leaders, guides, and teachers competent in providing an outdoor experience in various activities and environments. The WLEE program provides students with opportunities to learn technical skills in climbing, mountaineering, high-angle rescue, kayaking, rafting, and more. In addition to the technical skills students are given opportunities to practice leadership skills, as well as the concepts and theory behind adventure education.

    Program Outcomes:

    At the completion of this program, students should be able to:

    • Display skills to safely, efficiently and responsibly travel in a variety of environments
    • Demonstrate professional competency in one or more outdoor skills (i.e. rock climbing, rafting, mountaineering, leadership, etc.)
    • Plan and implement high quality and safe adventurous learning experiences/trips for others in a variety of activity areas
    • Apply leadership theories/techniques in a backcountry setting

    Program Outline

    • The WLEE program in an open entry program that begins in Fall term. Students are admitted on a space available basis after academic criteria has been met. Students may register for the program at any time.
    • Program duration is 7 quarters in length (2 years)
    • Students earn an Associate of Applied Science degree in Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education with the completion of required coursework.
    • Students will be required to participate in multiple off-campus field trips that can range from two (2) to seven (7) days. These off-campus trips are generally scheduled over the weekends and spring break.


    Students do not need to own all their own equipment. The program has all equipment necessary to participate in field outings. Students only need to have good hiking boots, insulating and base layers. The program is able to provide high quality backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, stove, etc. at no cost to the student.

    Estimated Programs Costs

    The program costs are estimates and are subject to change without notice. They are listed to give you an idea of costs so that you can plan for your financial needs. The costs listed are for your WLEE core classes ONLY and DO NOT include costs for general education or related electives or any textbooks required for the Associate in Applied Science degree in the WLEE program.

    Course # Course Name Credits Course Fee
    1st and 2nd Year Fall Term Courses
    WL150 Foundations of Adventure Education and Leadership 3 $76
    WL130 Backpacking and Camp Management 3 $141
    WL110 Intro to Challenge Course/Facilitation 2 $56
    PE185GC Indoor Rock Climbing 1 $47
    PE185KY Intro to Whitewater Kayaking 1 $132
    HPE285OL Wilderness Survival 3 $36
    WL120 Intro to Navigation 1 $26
    WL178 Technical Rope Rescue (Rescue 3 certification) 2 $240
    PE185RKI Intermediate Rock Climbing 1 $145
    PE185OJ Mountaineering 1 $137
    1st and 2nd Year Winter Term Courses
    WL186 Leave No Trace Trainer (LNT certification) 2 $5
    WL245 Avalanche Level 2 2 $386
    PE185OT Backcountry Ski and Snowboarding 1 $287
    PE185SB* Beginning Ski and Snowboard 1 $80
    PE185WT Winter Backcountry Travel 1 $177
    WL145 Avalanche Level 1 (AIARE Certification) 1 $135
    WL289 Wilderness First Responder (WMTC Certification) 4 $338
    WL295 Advanced Challenge Course/Facilitation (AACT) 2 $127
    PE185RS Rock Rescue 1 $52
    ORLX30 Climbing Wall Instructor (PCIA Certification) 1 $35
    1st and 2nd Year Spring Term Courses
    PE185RT Rafting 1 $105
    WL272 Expedition Rock Climbing 2 $191
    WL182 Swiftwater Rescue (Rescue 3 Certification) 1 $253
    PE185RK Rock Climbing 1 $82
    PE185KYI Intermediate WW Kayaking 1 $135
    PE185RTI Intermediate Rafting 1 $105
    BA150 Developing a Small Business 3
    PS217 Intro to Public Land Management 3
    FT235 Outdoor Recreation 3
    PE185WTA Intro to Water Sports 1 $17
    ORLX31 Whitewater Rafting Instructor (ACA Certification) 2 $161
    Summer Term
    WL272 Expedition Rock Climbing 2 $191
    WL271 Expedition Backpacking 2 $222
    WL273 Expedition Rafting 2 $279
    WL274 Expedition Mountaineering 2 $250
    Course Fees Dependent Upon Course Selection Varies
    Tuition, College Service Fee and Access Fee
    (Effective as of Fall term 2014 and subject to change without notice.
    Visit mhcc.edu/tuition for the current Tuition/Fee Rate Table.)

    *There will be additional charges from the ski resort in excess of the PE185SB course fee.