• What Does the Honor Society Do?

  • Community College Completion Corps C4

    Each year we encourage all students to sign the C4 banner and commit to completing their education. Students are encouraged to create a goal on the C4 card and keep it somewhere at home where they can see it as an everyday reminder. We compile the students’ information into a database so they can be recognized at the graduation ceremony with a C4 symbol next to their name in the commencement program. The goal for C4 is to promote college completion and encourage students to reach their goals

    Honors in Action

    Phi Theta Kappa offers an opportunity for students to work together on a research project in which they will build skills such as communication, teamwork, goal setting, researching, leadership, planning, and writing. Phi Theta Kappa offers a travel opportunity at the Honors Institute, a weeklong experience in which students will meet researchers, educators, scientists, performers, and students from across the world. Each chapter will need to use the Honors Study Guide and follow the steps to complete their Honors in Action research project that leads to a service project or advocacy.

    College Project

    Students can also be involved with the College Project. For this project, students meet with the college president to determine what they can do to help the college. In 2018 the Rho Theta team started work on the Potty Project initiative where they were raising awareness of the need for accessible and inclusive restrooms on campus. For 2019 Rho Theta is continuing to work on the Potty Project by adapting two accessible restrooms on campus into accessible, all-user restrooms.

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