• MHCC's Career Planning and Counseling Center have a new online interviewing platform. This platform can be used to practice or hold asynchronous interviews for students, faculty or employers.


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    If you would like access to StandOut, please email or call 503-491-7432.

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    • Increase your interviewing skills with free practice interviewing.
    • Make a lasting impression. You are more than your resume!
    • StandOut® and show what you have to offer.

      Email to be invited.


    • Create a class interviewing assignment from a set of pre-recorded questions, or even create your own.
    • Review interview practices for verbal and non-verbal communication.

      Email to set up a meeting to get started.


    • Evens the playing field so that your company has equal access to quality graduates from top institutions
    • Eliminates the scheduling requirement for interviews. Removes phone and first-round interviews
    • Grows your recruiting reach automatically at zero cost as the network expands
    • Provides an intuitive and collaborative web interface that makes it easy for your organization to get started and participate

      Contact for more information and cost.