• BP 6320: Investments

  • Chapter 6

    ORS 294.805 to 294.895 (Local Government Investment Pool)

    The President is responsible for ensuring that funds of the college that are not required for immediate needs are invested . Investments shall be in accordance with state law.

    Investmentsshall be made based on the following criteria:

    • The preservation of the principal shall be of primary importance.
    • The investment program must remain sufficiently flexible to permit the college to meet all reasonably anticipated operating requirements.
    • Investments will be diversified to avoid incurring unreasonable and avoidable risks regarding specific security types, industries, or individual financial institutions.
    • Investments will be managed to maintain a reasonable rate of return throughout budgetary and economic cycles, given the constraints and spirit of this policy.
    • Transactions should be avoided that might impair public confidence.

    Adopted:        3/8/06

    Revised:        4/20/22