• Dental Hygiene Application Process & Admission Details

  • The information below is based on the application requirements for Fall term 2020 admission. It is provided as an example to guide potential applicants on the admission process and application requirements which may be subject to change as program criteria can change for each new application year.

    Admission of all students is centralized in the Admissions, Registration and Records office. Admission to the College does not guarantee admission to the Dental Hygiene program. The Admissions, Registration and Records office has the sole authority to inform students of their admission status.

    The Admissions Evaluator has the final authority on what constitutes equivalency for all admission criteria. If you have questions regarding admission requirements and procedures, please email LRadmissions@mhcc.edu.

    Prospective students must satisfactorily meet admission program criteria and the application deadline to be considered for admission. The deadline for Fall term 2020 admission is January 17, 2020 at 5 pm. Courses submitted for consideration must be completed with a grade of “C” or better. Coursework must be completed by the end of Fall term, December 2019. Science and math courses (including labs) cannot be completed prior to Fall term 2013.

    Accommodations- The application must be hand signed and submitted, along with supporting documents and payment to Mt. Hood Community College’s Admissions, Registration and Records Office, 26000 SE Stark St, Gresham OR 97030. People requiring accommodations due to disability should contact the Accessible Education Office at 503-491-6923 or aes@mhcc.edu.

    Prior to applying it is very important that you read through the application and admissions criteria found in this Program Prerequisites and Curriculum section.

    Need assistance making sure your application is complete? Meet with admissions during Open Hours, mhcc.edu/LRQA.

    Approximate Admissions Processing Timeline*

    Date Details
    Summer 2019 Application available on web.
    Applicants may begin submitting completed applications to the program.
    January 17, 2020

    Application due in the Admissions Office by 5 pm (no exceptions). Postmark date not accepted. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered for admissions. Please check the College's homepage for potential inclement weather closure.

    Submit application in a large envelope.

    March 2020 Interview invitations emailed (up to 50 applicants, may vary in the event that two or more applicants’ scores cluster at the cut-off point).
    April 2020 Interviews held with program faculty. The approximate top 50 scoring applicants will be invited to attend a professional group selection session with program faculty and other applicants. Applicants will be asked to respond in writing to several questions, participate in a group activity, and an individual interview with Dental Hygiene Faculty. A tour of the Dental Hygiene facility will follow. Written responses will be evaluated for neatness, legibility, grammar, spelling, and content.
    April/May 2020

    Notifications of interview results are emailed.

    The top 18 applicants are accepted into the program. The next 18 qualified applicants are placed onto the alternate list. Alternates are offered a position in the class if any of the first 18 applicants decline a position in the program.
    September 21, 2020 Fall term classes begin
    *Please note, dates are subject to change. We ask that you DO NOT inquire about the status of your application while processing is taking place to help expedite the evaluation process. Any changes to the processing timeline will be updated here immediately.

    Application Requirement Checklist

    • General Admission Application – All applicants must first apply for admission to receive an MHCC ID number. Applications can be completed and submitted online at https://my.mhcc.edu/ics/Admissions. Select General Studies as your major. It will change to Dental Hygiene if/when you are admitted into the program.
    • $25 Application Fee
    • Application Packet Checklist
    • Health Professions Division Application
    • Prerequisite Course Worksheet
    • Dental Hygiene Observation Form (must be received sealed from DH office supervisor) - A minimum of 20 hours of observation (cannot be older than 1 year) in a dental setting is required, 10 of which need to be with a hygienist.
    • Academic Requirements and Documentation – Submit Official College Transcript(s) (in a sealed envelope) From EVERY COLLEGE EVER ATTENDED. Do not submit your MHCC transcript.Submit AP/IB official transcript/scores if using toward the DH admission requirements. Courses may be in progress at the time of application submission but an updated transcript showing all posted grades for Fall term 2019 and prior terms must be received by the application deadline. For academic requirements, see Program Prerequisites and Curriculum.
    • Current Resume - Resumes should include both related and unrelated work experience along with any volunteer information and dates. College coursework completed at a college without regional accreditation will not be considered for admissions or graduation requirements; however, it may be used toward proof of related education/experience. For assistance with your resume, contact the Career Planning and Counseling Center at 503-491-7432. Please note, only volunteer work not older than 2015 will qualify.
    • Dental Hygiene Volunteer Work – Five (5) hours in last year of dental public health volunteer experience (see the DH FAQ page for a list of approved organizations).


    • Points earned prior to the interview do not carry forward to the interview. All applicants start at zero points during the interview phase.
    • At the time of interview, program faculty will look at the applicant's resume, work experience and observation hours.

    Application Facts

    Year Total Applicants Complete Incomplete Minimum Interview Points Most common reasons for incomplete applications
    2019 90 74 16 32 Missing resume, missing observation form(s), missing coursework (i.e., writing, math, A&P, chemistry, wrong chemistry series/combination), missing transcripts from all institutions attended, cum gpa too low
    2018 104 93 11 35 Missing resume, missing observation form(s), missing coursework (i.e., writing, math, A&P, chemistry, wrong chemistry series/combination), missing transcripts from all institutions attended
    2017 97 78 19 32 Missing resume, missing incorrect faculty evaluation form(s), missing coursework (i.e., writing, math, A&P, chemistry, wrong chemistry series/combination), missing transcripts from all institutions attended

    Reasons for Admission Disqualification- Withholding information or giving untruthful answers to questions on the program application could be cause for non‐acceptance or dismissal from the program. Students who were admitted and then failed a required course or were dismissed from the program or any other health related program may be denied admission into the program.

    If you have a criminal history, we strongly encourage potential applicants to call the program director at 503-491-7128 and/or the Oregon Board of Dentistry at 971-673-3200 and inquire about whether or not licensure is possible in your situation. It is often handled on a case-by-case basis at the time of licensing application, so do not wait until you have completed your education only to find that you may be ineligible for licensure, which is required for employment.

    Application Reopen Disclosure- In the event of an insufficient applicant pool, applicants that have already gone through the interview process (within the same application year) are not allowed to reapply should the program reopen. Applicants may reapply during the application cycle for the following year.

    Previous Admission- Applicants who were previously accepted into the program and then declined acceptance or withdrew may not be given priority consideration in subsequent applications. Individuals will need to re‐apply to the program and will be required to meet the current program admission requirements and program standards. Materials cannot be brought forward from previous applications for a current application. Updated official transcripts are required only if new courses have been taken.