• Oregon Leadership Institute (OLI)

  • Photo 2
    OLI mentors and staff dressed in
    80's outfits for one of their Saturday
    sessions held at MHCC's Student Union.
    Photo 1
    After an intense water-balloon fight,
    three OLI mentees rest at the Scouter's Mountain
    campsite in Happy Valley, Oregon

    Developed by the Oregon Council for Hispanic Advancement (OCHA), the Oregon Leadership Institute (OLI) is an exciting leadership development program with a focus on the rich Latinx heritage of the participants and our community. OLI focuses on leadership and mentoring skills development by pairing college-level students with Latinx high school students.

    The program promotes high school and post-secondary completion by offering a tuition-free series of workshops and training sessions during the fall, winter and spring terms. High school students also attend tuition-free sessions and activities throughout the school year. This collaborative initiative throughout higher education institutions in Oregon prioritizes cultural pride for positive individual and community development. Over an eight- month period, participants enjoy activities focused on culture and heritage, leadership, team building, self-esteem and identity, holistic health, conflict resolution, intercultural communication, public speaking, etc. The year of learning typically culminates with a end of the year activity and graduation ceremony.

    The OLI program is an opportunity for college students to learn valuable leadership skills. The OLI mentors meet as a group once a week where they will learn and practice the skills needed to provide guidance as role models for high school students involved in the program.

    The OLI Mentors are responsible for assisting the OLI coordinator in the Saturday sessions where they meet with the high school students on a monthly basis. The mentors along with the coordinator, will plan and facilitate these Saturday sessions. People interested in mentoring need to be committed to attending all the weekly mentor meetings as well as all of the eight Saturday sessions that take place once a month, beginning in October and ending in June with graduation