BP 2350: Speakers to the Board of Education

Persons may speak to the Board of Education either on an agenda item or on other matters of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Board of Education. Persons wishing to speak to the Board of Education shall do so at the time designated at the meeting for public comment.

Those wishing to speak to the Board of Education are subject to the following:

  • The Chair of the Board of Education may rule members of the public out of order if their remarks do not pertain to matters that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Board of Education or if their remarks are unduly repetitive. 
  • Non-scheduled substitutes may not speak in place of scheduled speakers unless alternates have been submitted on the original request. 
  • Speakers shall complete a written request to address the Board of Education at the beginning of the meeting at which they wish to speak. 
  • The request shall include the person’s name and name of the organization or group represented, if any, and a statement noting the agenda item or topic to be addressed. 
  • No member of the public may speak without being recognized by the Chair of the Board of Education. 
  • Each speaker will be allowed a maximum of three minutes per speaker. Thirty minutes shall be the maximum time allotment for public speakers at any one Board of Education meeting.  At the discretion of a majority of the Board of Education these time limits may be changed. 
  • Each speaker coming before the Board of Education is limited to one presentation per specific agenda item before the Board of Education, and to one presentation per meeting on non-agenda matters. 
  • Speakers may offer objective criticism of College operations and programs; any complaints concerning individual College personnel will follow Board Policy 2315.

Adopted: 2/2/17

Revised: 12/15/21

References: There is no Oregon statutory requirement