BP 2510: Participation in Local Decision-Making

The Board of Education is the ultimate decision-maker in those areas assigned to it by state and federal laws and regulations.  In executing that responsibility, the Board of Education is committed to its obligation to ensure that appropriate members of Mt. Hood Community College participate in developing recommended policies for Board of Education action and administrative regulations for President action under which the Mt. Hood Community College is governed and administered. 

Each of the following shall participate in these decision-making processes of Mt. Hood Community College: 

  • Access and Diversity Council
  • Infrastructure Council
  • Institutional Effectiveness Council
  • Learner Success Council
  • People Strategies Council
  • Associated Student Government

Each council includes employees representing the full- and part-time faculty, classified, and management/confidential employee groups, and students.

Except for unforeseeable emergency situations, the Board of Education shall not take any action on matters subject to this policy until the appropriate constituent group or groups have been provided the opportunity to participate. 

Any duty imposed upon the Board of Education as a body shall be performed at a regular or special meeting and shall be made a matter of record. The consent to any particular measure obtained from individual Board of Education members when the Board of Education is not in session shall not be an act of the Board of Education and shall not be binding upon the district.

Adopted: 3/8/06

Revised: 7/8/09

References: NWCCU Standard 2.A.4 
ORS 341.283(5)