AR 5420: Associated Students Finance

The Associated Students of Mt. Hood Community College (ASMHCC) Funds are maintained in accordance with the following procedures:

ASMHCC shall be the only recognized student organization responsible for determining student activity fees usage and allocations.

ASMHCC student fee budget provides financing for co-curricular and athletic programs at MHCC. ASMHCC and its chartered groups must follow the depository and accounting services of the Business Office and its budgetary procedures. ASMHCC accounts will be audited periodically, and the cost will be borne by the student association.

It is the responsibility of the ASMHCC to prepare budgetary documents for presentation by the vice president of student development, the college president, and the Board of Education.

Student fees are not designed to directly support academic programs, or to fund anything prohibited in the college administrative regulations, board polices or the student code of conduct. Procedural information is maintained in the ASMHCC bylaws.

Approval: 6/27/1995
Revised: 8/11/1998, 9/23/2008, 9/22/2009, 4/18/2023
References: No Oregon statutory requirement