• Resource Sharing: Summit & Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

  • The Resource Sharing department at MHCC employs a team of dedicated individuals to provide full support to resource sharing requests. Our mission is to obtain your request as quickly as possible. Our goal is to process every request within 24 business hours subject to staffing availability. You may contact department staff at mhccint@mhcc.edu or by calling 503-491-7610, ask for Resource Sharing staff.


    What is Summit?
    SUMMIT is the combined library catalog of the Orbis Cascade Alliance with more than 30 member colleges and universities in Washington and Oregon. Through Summit you have access to millions of books, DVDs, videotapes, sound recordings, government documents and more.
    What libraries belong to Summit?
    There are 37 member libraries. See the complete list at Orbis Cascade Alliance Member Institutions.
    Who is eligible to use Summit Borrowing?
    Only current MHCC employees and students may request items.
    When should I use Summit?
    Use Summit when the item you need is not available at MHCC. Individual journal articles are not available; instead patrons should request journal articles through Interlibrary Loan.
    How do I request an item from Summit?

    Search Summit like any other library catalog, including by keyword, title or author.

    To place requests:

    • Make sure you are browsing the MHCC + Summit Libraries area of our catalog.
    • Click "Find/Request" on the desired item
    • Sign in to enable request options.
    • Enter your MyMHCC credentials when prompted.
    • Click "Place Summit request" and choose pickup location.
    • Click "Request" button to finalize.

    To request materials for pickup at another Orbis Cascade Alliance member library or to pick up materials owned by them you must first go to the library in person and sign up as an adopted patron. You will need to log in to your MHCC Library account online and have a valid picture ID. When making a request, you must select the location you are visiting in place of MHCC and use the ID number specified by that institution.

    How long does it take to get an item from Summit?
    Most Summit items arrive within 3-5 business days. Summit items are delivered directly to MHCC Library Monday through Friday.
    How can I check the status of my request?
    On your My Account page, click "Requests" to view their status.
    How will I be notified?
    Patrons will be notified by e-mail. Items not picked up within 7 days must then be returned to the lending library.
    How long can I keep a Summit item?
    Books check out for 6 weeks, with no renewal. Media items check out for 6 days, with no renewal.
    Where can I return a Summit item?
    Summit items can be returned to any Orbis Cascade Alliance member library. Reminder: Return items with attached labels or straps.
    What if I lose a Summit item or return it late?
    Summit charges are significantly higher than those assessed for MHCC Library items and are not negotiable under consortia policy. Replacement costs and fees total a minimum of $90. When an item on your account has been billed, all library borrowing will be blocked until the item is returned and the fine paid.

    Interlibrary Loan

    What is an interlibrary loan?
    Interlibrary Loan (ILL) enables MHCC employees and students to obtain materials that are not available in the MHCC or Summit library catalog.
    Who can request interlibrary loans?
    MHCC employees or currently enrolled students are eligible to request interlibrary loans.
    Where can I pick up interlibrary loans?
    You can pick up materials at either the Maywood or Gresham Libraries. Journal articles are emailed directly to the email account you listed on your request form.
    Are there any limits to what can be borrowed?

    Textbooks are not available through ILL. Alternatives for obtaining a textbook include having an instructor place a copy of the textbook on reserve or check the MHCC catalog for an older edition.

    We can process 10 requests at one time per patron.

    MHCC library only uses free sources for interlibrary loans. Requests that have costs associated with them are declined.

    How fast can my request be processed?
    Requests submitted during library business hours are processed the same day if possible.
    Delays may occur if we need to request the item from more than one library, or if the request form is incomplete.
    How will I know when my interlibrary loan item is ready to be picked up?
    For physical items, like books, you will receive an email notice indicating that your item has arrived and will be on the hold shelf for 7 days. You will receive articles directly to your email.
    When will I receive my requests?
    Delivery time depends on the location of the lending library. Materials from the Pacific NW can be expected within two to four days. Items from libraries in other parts of the county will take longer.
    How long can I keep my ILL items?
    ILL items will be checked out to you according to the loan rules of the institution from which your item came from. We can ask for the lending institution to renew items but this is not always an available option and sometimes the lending institution needs items back sooner than we would like.
    How do I request items via an interlibrary loan?

    Before placing an ILL request you must create your account here. Once you have set up your account details, click on the menu options for “New Book Request” to request a physical book item, or use “New Article Request” for requesting digital materials or journal articles. On this site you will also be able to see your request history.

    Before placing an ILL request please verify that the item you are looking for is not available locally: look for your item in the Summit catalog of college libraries in the Pacific NW.

    Articles that do not have full text results available in our databases can be submitted using the ILL request form. You will see a link “Full Text Finder” under these results that you can click to take you to the ILL article request page.

    When using this form to place an ILL request, make sure to provide as much information as you can about the item that you wish to order. This helps speed processing and ensures that we request the correct item for you.

    Please note that ILL requests are processed by both MHCC librarians and librarians at institutions we request from: thus we cannot guarantee any turn around time for requests. Requesting materials you need for the next day is almost never possible.