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Our board is comprised of people who are passionate about guiding our college towards success. These board members give their time and skills to ensure MHCC continues to thrive. Get to know the leaders steering the ship.


Diane McKeel
Board Chair

Zone 1, 2017 - 2025

Diane McKeel was elected to the Mt. Hood Community College District Board of Education in 2017 and was elected to serve another four-year term until 2025. She has done a lot of service and volunteer work. She served two terms as the Multnomah County commissioner for East County. She also served 10 years as the executive director of the West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce. Today, she is a partner in her family’s company Oxbow Limited Liability. She has worked at the local, state, and national levels. Her efforts include advancing veteran’s programs, MHCC libraries, and economic development. She has also worked with programs to prevent human trafficking. McKeel earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon and a graduate certificate in dental hygiene from the Oregon Health and Science University. McKeel and her husband, Mike, have lived in eastern Multnomah County for a long time where they raised their three grown children. 


Andrew Speer
Board Vice Chair
Zone 3, 2019 - 2027

Andrew Speer was elected to the Mt. Hood Community College District Board of Education in 2019 and was elected to serve another four-year term until 2027. He proudly served as an infantry soldier in the U.S. Marines Corps for four years. He received an associate degree from MHCC in economics and then earned his master’s degree at Portland State University. He is now an economist with a background in economic modeling and analysis. Speer actively volunteers. He served on the City of Portland’s Charter Review Commission and was a board member of the Gresham Chamber of Commerce. He is now a board trustee for WorldOregon.


Marie Teune
Board Member

Zone 2, 2021 - 2025

Marie Teune was elected to the Mt. Hood Community College District Board of Education in 2021. She has a four-year term representing Zone 2. She also serves on the board of directors for the Oregon Trail School DistrictIn the past, she held other positions with the Oregon Trail School District on the budget committee and as the chair of the Education Foundation. Teune is active in the Sandy community. She has served on the Chamber of Commerce board and the Sandy Area Buyers Pool board. She has also been a trauma-intervention program volunteer and president of the Sandy High School Booster Club.


Annette Mattson
Board Member

Zone 4, 2017 - 2025

Annette Mattson was elected to the Mt. Hood Community College District Board of Education in 2017 for a four-year term. She represents Zone 4 and was re-elected to serve until 2025. Mattson earned an associate degree from MHCC and a bachelor's degree in human development from Warner Pacific College. She is also an ordained interfaith minister. Mattson retired from Portland General Electric, where she worked as a local government affairs and public policy manager. She has also held elected office. For 18 years she was on the David Douglas school board. For seven years, she was on the Oregon School Boards Association board, and she served as its president in 2009. She has chaired the boards of the North Clackamas County Chamber of Commerce, the Clackamas County Economic Development Commission, and the Clackamas County Business Alliance. Mattson was president of the Oregon Community College Association (OCCA) from 2019 to 2020. She currently serves as chair of the OCCA legislative committee.


Dana Stroud
Board Member

Zone 5, 2023 - 2027

Dana Stroud was elected to the MHCC District Board of Education in 2023 and will serve a four-year term representing Zone 5. Stroud has been a university research biologist, a small business owner, a stay-at-home mom, and a non-profit administrator. They have also served on the City of Gresham Charter Review Committee. Stroud is certified in equity-informed mediation and restorative justice. They serve East County students and families with compassion and attentiveness. Stroud attended Skagit Valley College and then earned a master's degree in biology. Since 2020, they have been co-chair of the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee and the Name Change Committee at Lewis and Clark Montessori Charter School. Currently, they are earning a master's in systems therapy. Systems therapy is a form of mental health therapy for couples and families. In their spare time, Stroud enjoys gardening, researching new subjects, and spending time with family and friends.


Diane Noriega
Board Member

Zone 6, At-Large, 2019 - 2027

Diane Noriega was elected to the Mt. Hood Community College District Board of Education in 2019. She has a four-year term representing Zone 6. This is her second time serving. She also served on the board from 2011 to 2015. She has an extensive background in academia. At MHCC, she was vice president of the MHCC Foundation board. At California State University, Monterey Bay, she was the interim president, provost and academic vice president, and a professor. She was also the dean of the College of Education at Sacramento State University. Noriega has a doctorate from University of California, Santa Barbara. She earned a master’s degree in Spanish from The University of California, Davis. She has a bachelor’s degree in Spanish from University of California, Santa Barbara. 


ShaToyia Bentley
Board Member

Zone 7, At-Large, 2022 - 2027

ShaToyia Bentley was appointed to the Mt. Hood Community College District Board of Education in 2022 and was officially elected to serve a four-year term in 2023. Bentley graduated from MHCC with an Associate of Applied Science in business management. As part of the program, she earned certificates in small business and entrepreneurship, as well as retail management. Bentley transferred to Portland State University (PSU) and earned her Bachelor of Science in urban and public affairs. She trained in community development. While attending PSU, she was the vice chair of the Student Fee Committee. She has worked for more than a decade in small business, nonprofit, and government.

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