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Open Educational Resources - Mathematics

MHCC uses Open Educational Resources (OERs) for some math classes. You can access those course materials here, at no cost. If you have questions about any of these resources, please email Jack Green, mathematics instructor.

Precalculus Resources

Precalculus - Textbook

This book covers course material for MHCC Precalculus I: Functions (Course Number: MTH111Z.)

Precalculus: An Active Reading Approach

By: Jack Green (MHCC, Mathematics), Nick Chura (MHCC Mathematics)
Licensed under CC BY 4.0

Precalculus - Additional Readings

Functions and Function Notation
Linear Functions
Rates of Change and Behaviors of Graphs
Domain and Range
Exponential Functions
Logarithmic Functions
Transformation of Functions
Composition of Functions
Power Functions and Polynomials

Revised from: "Precalculus: an Investigation of Functions," second edition, by David Lippman and Melonie Rasmussen
Revised by: Jack Green (MHCC, Mathematics), Michael McAfee (MHCC Mathematics)
Licensed under CC BY 4.0

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