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Tuition Information For International Students

Thank you for your interest in attending Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC). To ensure you have all the information you need to take this big step, we have outlined the costs for international students to attend MHCC for one school year (nine months).  

The budget below is a guess. The college does its best to give correct information for current tuition, fees, and other costs. For more help on making a college budget, read this student’s guide to budgeting for college. 




Estimated Expenses 

Tuition and fees (12 credits per term x 3 terms)* 


Books and supplies 


Living expenses 


Health insurance (required) 




*As of summer term 2024, tuition is $269 per credit hour. Learn more about how tuition and fees can change without notice. 

Explanations of Costs 

Tuition and Fees 

 At MHCC international students need to take at least 12 credits for three terms each year. Students are charged per credit hour, so if you take more credits in a term or if you take classes in all four terms, your cost will be higher. Some classes have course fees. Course fees are not part of this estimate. 

Books and Supplies 

The costs for books and supplies are harder to predict as each class requires different books and supplies. The exact cost depends on the classes you take. The college has many low-cost or no-cost textbook classes. Visit our textbook affordability page to learn more.

Each class you take will inform you before the start of term what is required. Usually, you do not pay MHCC directly for your books and supplies. 

Living Expenses 

Living expenses is another cost that varies based on where and how you live. When thinking about living expenses, consider housing, groceries, entertainment, and utilities. These expenses are not paid to MHCC.  

Health Insurance 

When you enroll in classes, you are also automatically enrolled in MHCC’s international student health insurance. The fee is included in your school bill. Health insurance is mandatory. The college does allow waivers, but they are limited.  

Children and Spouses  

We know some of you have families. The budget above does not include living expenses for dependents (children and/or spouses). For spouses, add $4,000 to the total. For each child, add $5,000 to the total. 


Due: First day of each term 

Includes: Tuition, fees, and health insurance (some books might be included, depending on the class) 

How to pay: Debit card, credit card, automated clearinghouse (ACH) bank withdrawal from a US bank account, or international bank wire (not all countries can use international bank wire) 

Because of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services rules, there are limited opportunities for international students to work.  

Questions? Email [email protected]