• Release of Information per FERPA Guidelines

  • MHCC students have the right to review all official files and records pertaining to themselves except confidential financial information reported by their parents or guardians and medical or psychiatric records used for treatment purposes. Picture ID is required to access student records. (FERPA - Pursuant to Public Law 93-380, known as Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, and also as the Pell Buckley Amendment to Education Amendments of 1974.)

    Access to a student's record is guaranteed as soon as possible but must be within 45 days of the student's official request. Students may challenge records they decree to be inaccurate, misleading or otherwise in violation of privacy or civil rights. If the challenge is not resolved with the custodian of the records, students have the right to a hearing before a committee (to be appointed by the Dean of Student Development and Services).

    The following information is considered to be directory information and will be released upon verbal request to anyone: student’s enrollment status; verification of certificate or degree earned; and student’s name. 

    Any student who does not wish to have directory information released by the college must file a petition for exemption in the Admissions and Records Office.

    All student records must be treated as confidential and access to student records is confined to MHCC employees with a legitimate educational need to know. Other information which may be released upon written request of the student will include the following: dates of enrollment, degrees earned, honors awarded, major field of study, date of graduation and most recent educational institution attended.

    Students' addresses and phone numbers will be made available to assist the collection of any debts owed to this institution. Access to any student information shall be available to authorities who, by federal or state law or by legislative directive, have the right to audit or evaluate and to the professional audit firm retained by the MHCC District Board of Education.

    All records pertaining to academic achievement, evaluative tests, and students' payment of tuition and fees are permanent records of the college (as opposed to student records). Health treatment or examination records are retained in the health services office and are not normally open to inspection except for medical services required for the welfare of the student.