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Request MHCC Education Records

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that controls who can see your school records. It applies to different groups, like potential employers, public schools, and even foreign governments. If you want a copy of your MHCC school records, you need to write a request, saying which records you want. This ensures that MHCC follows FERPA rules.

MHCC must provide records within a reasonable amount of time after receiving a request, 45 days is the maximum time allowed.

How to Obtain Student Educational Records

Ask the appropriate department for the records. This is the department that maintains the records.

  • If you want copies of all your school records, send the request to the admissions, registration, and records office. They'll collect your records from different departments and give them to you. It might take one to two weeks for them to get the copies ready.
  • Students requesting a public safety report that is part of their education record should make the request with the student conduct office.

Before you see your records, MHCC will take out personal information about other students, if it's there. They'll also remove personal information about staff and others. But, if there's a legal order like a subpoena, they won't remove staff and non-student information.

MHCC might charge a fee for making copies of your school records. For help with student records, email the admissions, records, and registration office or call 503-491-7393. You can also visit the student services hub for in-person assistance with general questions.

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