Modern Language

  • In a world that is increasingly interdependent, knowledge of other cultures and languages is crucial.

    In East Multnomah County, the three languages most needed by local businesses and service agencies, after English, are Spanish, Russian and American Sign Language (ASL).

    State-wide, Oregon’s two biggest trade partners are Japan (world’s third largest economy) and Canada (one-quarter French speaking). Other important Oregon customers and investors are Germany, France and Mexico.

    French is the world’s second most studied language. German is the second most prominent language in the global business world. Germany has the world’s fourth largest economy. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States, and the main language of 19 countries. All three are important heritage languages in the USA.

    MHCC offers: ASL, French, German, Japanese and Spanish.

  • Faculty Advisers

    Faculty Advisers

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