• Respiratory Care Program Costs

  • These costs are approximations and are listed only as a guide for your financial planning. Tuition is as of fall term 2023 and subject to change without notice. Students are advised to have a financial plan in place.

    Description Estimated Cost
    Tuition and College Fees (based on six terms in the program including general education courses needed for the AAS in Respiratory Care but does not include the prerequisites. If you have completed some or all of the general education courses, your tuition will be less.) See current tuition rate.  $14,341 
    Respiratory Care Course Fees $2,020
    Course Fee Breakdown by Term
    Second quarter (Winter)
    RT121 course fee: $25
    RT122 course fee: $25
    Third quarter (Spring)
    RT141 course fee: $200
    RT142 course fee: $200
    RT150 course fee: $100
    Fourth quarter (Fall)
    RT220 course fee: $25
    RT251 course fee: $400
    Fifth quarter (Winter)
    RT231 course fee: $200
    RT252 course fee: $400
    Sixth quarter (Spring)
    RT232 course fee: $45
    RT253 course fee: $400
    Books for RC Classes: $923
    First Year Costs
    CastleBranch Criminal Background Check $111
    Vaccines and titers $500
    CastleBranch Drug screen $38
    Extras (Scrubs, Stethoscope, arm patches, good pair of shoes, etc.) $380
    Second year and post-graduation costs
    Travel to Clinical Sites varies
    Liability Insurance Included within fees
    TMC exam $190
    Clinic Simulation exam $200
    Oregon License $100
    Washington License (if getting licensed in WA) $360
    FBI background check $90
    Total $19,252