• Respiratory Care Admissions Details

  • The information below is based on the application requirements for Fall term 2022 admission. It is provided as an example to guide potential applicants on the admission process and application requirements which may be subject to change as program criteria can change for each new application year. 

    The Respiratory Care program is restricted entry and applicants to the program must meet certain criteria before their application will be considered. Currently, the program admits 20 students every Fall term.

    Admission Requirements

    The information below is based on application requirements for Fall term 2022 admission. To be eligible to apply, applicants must show they meet the requirements described below by the application deadline date of April 8, 2022.

    1. Required coursework to apply
      • WR115 or WR121 with a “C” grade or better (or placement* into WR121 on or after 4/8/2017)
      • MTH065 or higher with a “C” grade or better College level (100 level or higher)
      • Biology course with a “C” grade or better completed no earlier than Winter term 2015 and no later than Winter term 2022 - Course prefix must begin with a “BI” prefix (i.e. BI100/BI101/BI112, etc.). 
      • College level (100 level or higher) Chemistry course with a “C” grade or completed no earlier than Winter term 2015 and no later than Winter term 2022. Course prefix must begin with a "CH" prefix (i.e. CH106/CH151/CH221, etc.). 

      *See “Additional Information to meet Admissions Requirements” at the end of this page for placement guidelines.

    2. High School Transcript Requirement
    3. Proof of High School completion must be provided at the time of application. An official high school transcript showing graduation date or the equivalent official GED directly from www.ged.com will need to be submitted. Students that received their high school diploma overseas will need to have it evaluated by one of our approved credential services: www.mhcc.edu/internationaltranscript. Home-schooled applicants must meet this requirement by completion of the GED test. For more information about this requirement please see the FAQ.

    4. College Transcript Requirement
    5. Official transcripts from every regionally accredited college attended, regardless of program relevancy, program length, or age, must be included for an application to be complete. Applications will not be considered without all official transcripts on file at MHCC. See “Additional Information to meet Admissions Requirements” at the end of this page for more information.

    6. Application and application fee
    7. Applicants must fill out the current Respiratory Care admission application and pay the $35 non-refundable application fee located at https://mhcc.edu/RCApplication. Before you begin filling out the online application, please read below for other information that may be needed to submit with your application.

      Supplementary Documentation Upload (if applicable)

      • Previous Health Professions Program Attended: Applicants who attended a previous health professions program but did not complete it must obtain a letter from the head of the department indicating the year(s) you attended, if you exited the program in good standing, and can speak to your ability to be successful in another medical program.
      • Previous/Current Licensure: Applicants who have worked in a medical field and held a license must upload a copy of the license verification from the state board website showing license details (including license number and expiration date) and any disciplinary actions. This is not a photocopy of your license/certification card.
      • Health Related Work Experience. Work experience points are given for 6 months or more of work experience in the medical field. When you fill out the online application you will have the opportunity to provide your employer’s email address. They will be sent a link to verify your employment which must be submitted by the application deadline date of April 8, 2022.

    Each applicant who meets these admission requirements by the application deadline will move on to Phase 1 Point Assessment:

    Phase 1 Point Assessment

    Completion of supporting and additional coursework (that was not used in the required coursework to apply section) by the application deadline adds to the applicant’s Phase 1 points and increases applicant competitiveness. These courses are also subject to the Point Award System.

    Point Awards System: A=3 points, B=2 points, C=1 points.

    Supporting Coursework (required for degree completion if accepted; can be taken in the program): My Score / Out Of
    BI121* or BI231* Anatomy & Physiology I /3
    BI122* or BI232* Anatomy & Physiology II /3
    BI233* Anatomy & Physiology III (not needed if applicants take BI121 and BI122) /3
    BI234* Microbiology /3
    WR121 English Composition /3
    COMM111 or COMM115 or WR122 Public Speaking/Intercultural Communications/English Composition II /3
    PSY101 or PSY201 Psychology of Human Relations/General Psychology /3
    Additional Coursework (for extra points only, not required for admission or degree completion):
    BI100 or higher level biology class Additional biology course (BI100 or higher) /3
    MTH095 or above Intermediate Algebra with Right Triangle Trigonometry /3
    Discretionary Points
    Prior Degree Associate's Degree=1 or Bachelor's Degree=3 or Master’s Degree= 5 /5
    Work Experience

    6 months or more of paid healthcare-related work experience (i.e., MA, CNA, Phlebotomist, etc.)


    Grade Point Average

    Cumulative GPA- College Only
    GPA Points
    2.00 – 2.50 1
    2.51 – 3.00 2
    3.01 – 3.49 3
    3.50 – 3.74 4
    3.75 – 4.00 6

    * NOTE: Although BI121 and BI122 (Anatomy and Physiology I & II) OR BI231, BI232, and BI233 (Anatomy and Physiology I, II & III) and BI234 (Microbiology) are currently offered within the program, it is strongly recommended that students complete the A&P series and Microbiology prior to admission into the program. If accepted to the program, the A&P series and Microbiology must be completed before Fall term of the second year (before starting clinicals).

    The top 50 scoring applicants from Phase 1 will move onto Phase 2:

    Phase 2 Selection Process

    Applicants moving onto Phase 2 will participate in a group style interview and proctored essay and will be asked to provide a resume. The resume should include educational and training experience, all work and volunteer experience, schools attended and personal achievement and awards, etc. Limited to no more than 2 pages. If you would like to receive individual help on preparing your resume, you can make an appointment with a career counselor, learn more at www.mhcc.edu/careercenter

    Points from Phase 1 are not moved forward. Applicants are officially admitted into the program based on points earned during Phase 2. Up to 15 qualified candidates will be offered an alternate position in the program. Alternates are only offered a position in the program if any of the accepted applicants decline a position in the program.


    In the event that two or more applicants have the same score for Phase 1 or Phase 2, the office of Admissions will use tiebreakers in the following order: the date the applications were complete (all required items were received) and GPA.

    Additional Information to meet Admissions Requirements:

    Placement Options*:

    • Students may be able to use the Accuplacer College Placement Test (CPT), GED scores or Smarter Balanced scores for meeting the writing skills requirement. Learn more at https://www.mhcc.edu/CoursePlacement.
    • Applicants using the Accuplacer College Placement Test (CPT) are encouraged to practice for the test andreview English concepts by using Accuplacer’s free study app.
    • CPT scores are valid for five years and cannot be older than 4/8/17

    Additional Transcript Considerations:

    • Transcripts must be official (unopened) and issued directly by the institution from which the course(s) were taken. Coursework showing as transferred from one institution to another is not accepted. Official electronic transcripts (e-transcripts such as Parchment or EDI) submitted via secure electronic delivery service may be submitted to ar@mhcc.edu. If submitting transcripts by mail, send to:

    Mt. Hood Community College – RC Application
    Admissions, Registration and Records
    26000 SE Stark St.
    Gresham OR 97030

    • Regionally Accredited Institutions: Required.
    • Non-Regionally Accredited Institutions: Not required.
    • AP, CLEP or IB Transcripts/Scores: Required only if using for admission requirements and must be issued directly from College Board or International Baccalaureate in a sealed envelope (see https://mhcc.edu/CreditAlternatives).
    • Foreign/Non-US Based Educational Transcript: Required only if using to meet admission requirements and must first be evaluated by an outside credential service. The evaluated transcript must be submitted by the application deadline for the program. For more information, visit: www.mhcc.edu/internationaltranscript. Evaluation processing for foreign transcripts is time consuming, and the process could take up to six weeks. It is best to start this process early. A foreign bachelor's degree does not fulfill the prerequisite requirements.
    • MHCC transcript: Not required, already on file.

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