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Equity in Action

We are a dynamic community of learners from many cultures. We are committed to meeting our community's needs as a global society. At MHCC, our commitment to diversity means we:

  • Welcome, value, and promote all aspects of diversity among students, employees, and our community.
  • Cultivate a respectful and inclusive environment for learning and working.
  • Work to understand issues of difference, power, and social justice.
  • Foster educational, personal, and professional development for success in diverse environments.

Equity in the Health Professions

Here, you'll find a collection of equity-focused resources for the health professions. Do you have resources or ideas for materials to include? Reach out to your instructor!

Title and Link Equity Topic Media Type Summary
Straight, white teeth as a social perogative Dental Hygiene Article North America values straight, white teeth. This causes power dynamics and divisions in social class.
This is What I Want to Tell My White Professors When They Ask, "How Are You Today?" Education Article Written by a former medical student. It describes why instructors must be aware of lived experiences of Black students.
Toward a Theory of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy Education Webpage This discusses how to teach in a culturally responsive way.
Toward a Theory of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy Education Article This discusses how to teach in a culturally responsive way.
Honoring African Americans: Celebrating Life in Death - African American Funeral Homes Funeral Services Webpage This is a Library of Congress blog post. It discusses the rich history of Black-owned funeral homes.
Race, Medicine, and Healthcare in the United States: a Historical Survey General Healthcare Webpage Racism in medicine has hurt African-American health for more than 2,500 years. This paper discusses causes, like biased education and slavery. It also shows challenges, like unfair medical treatments and experiments.
Medical Assistants Help Bridge Digital Divide in Virtual Visits Medical Assistant Webpage This discusses how medical assistants can support fair outcomes in healthcare.
Cultural Humility Primer: Peer Support Specialist and Recovery Coach Guide Mental Health, Social Service, and Addiction Counseling Webpage This is a beginner's cultural reference. It is written for peer-support specialists and recovery coaches in substance-use disorder and mental health fields.
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Healthcare Medical Office Webpage This is a blog post from the American Academy of Professional Coders. It shows how coders can use diversity, equity, and inclusion techniques to create a welcoming office environment.
Addressing Respiratory Health Equality in the United States Respiratory Care Webpage This discusses issues in respiratory health due to race, ethnicity, and social and economic class. It also suggests ways to improve equity.
The Benefits of Diversifying Surgery Surgical Technology Webpage This article talks about equity issues for patients in operating rooms.
Code Switch by NPR Intro to Equity Podcast This podcast explores how race affects every part of society. This talks about politics and pop culture, as well as history, food, and more!
Beyond a Statement of Support: Changing the Culture of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Physical Therapy Physical Therapist Assistant Article In this article, the University of Southern California talks about how to build an antiracist organization.

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