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Career Pathways Programs

Career Pathways are short-term education and training programs in high-demand jobs that help students achieve their education and employment goals in less than a year. Students who start with a Career Pathway program can always return to MHCC later to complete a degree, and their credits will count towards it.

Are you looking for a new career? Do you need skills to get back to work or are you just starting out and looking for your first job? Career Pathways help you earn the skills and credentials needed to start a rewarding career! Programs can be completed in less than a year and are a part of a degree program, providing steps to an associate degree and beyond. You can earn a certificate, gain work experience, and come back to college to complete the next certificate or finish their degree.

Career Pathways with Additional Support

Have you tested below college level in reading or math? Or, are you an English language learner still improving your English? MHCC also has career pathway programs with extra support in reading, writing, math, or language support, and support services, career readiness, and job search assistance. You work on reading, writing, math and/or language skills at the same time you are working on your certificate. Plus, you receive hands-on assistance with all the steps to becoming a student. A coach helps you with program enrollment, paying for college, advising, registering for classes and orientation, and support throughout the program. Career Pathways offer you the support you need to complete college and reach your career goals!

Career Pathways Contact Information

If you're ready to take the next step, call the Career Pathways program at 503-491-7470. Or contact our Career Pathways Specialists.

Angelique Kauffman-Rodriguez

Career Pathways Specialist

Stephanie Haas

Student Resource Specialist