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Billing and Coding Degree - Program Details

When you attend Mt. Hood Community College's medical office billing and coding program, you have two options: earning a certificate or earning your associate degree. You will learn all about this critical role in every medical setting that makes sure patients are billed properly for the care they receive. The Associate of Applied Science degree builds on the basics you learn in the certificate program, opening up more job opportunities for you.

Billing and Coding: An Important Role

Billing and coding are important functions in every medical setting. Without them, medical offices couldn’t operate.

Billing requires you to:

  • Manage health care billing processes
  • Adjust and resubmit claims
  • Adhere to current health care industry regulations and policies
  • Comply with insurance procedures and plan coverage

Coding requires you to:

  • Ensure medical charts are correct and complete
  • Check signatures
  • Confirm medical data in computers
  • Connect with providers to ensure correct information or diagnosis
  • Assign the proper diagnosis and procedural codes

Program Outcomes

After completing this program you'll be able to:

  • Differentiate the roles of the health care team, elements of successful leadership, and problem-solving strategies.
  • Discuss verbal and nonverbal communication, including gender differences, cultural awareness and sensitivity, and the elements of speaking and listening.
  • Discuss the knowledge and skills required of a medical coder.
  • Discuss the knowledge and skills required of a medical biller.
  • Discuss the elements of billing and coding.
  • Complete a professional résumé.
  • Explain job searches and correct interview techniques.
  • Use specialized computer programs (EMR) and the Microsoft Office suite.

Courses and Curriculum

The courses in this major mix written communication, computer skills, and medical knowledge together to prepare you for a medical office career.

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Your Future in the Medical Office

Future careers in this field include jobs such as policy processing clerks, medical secretaries, and more.

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