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Modern Languages

Modern Language refers to the study of a living language, as opposed to one like Latin or Ancient Greek, which no one speaks anymore. Learning a second language can make you more competitive in the job market. Through Mt. Hood Community College's Modern Language program, you can learn first and second-year American Sign Language (ASL), Japanese, and Spanish. We also offer first year French and German.

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Faculty and Contact Information

Modern Languages

Paul Eckhardt

Faculty Advisor
Students majoring in Spanish or ASL

Yoko Sato

Faculty Advisor
Students majoring in Japanese or ASL

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Real-world application

Speaking a second language can give you an edge in the workplace, but it also has other perks. For instance, the ability to meet new people, learn about different cultures, travel, and even boost your family ties. As a student at MHCC you’ll also have the opportunity to put your skills into practice through our study abroad program.