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Political Science

The political science program at Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) helps you understand the role of leadership and how leaders can help promote economic and social growth. Many people think political science is “dry” and “boring,” but nothing could be further from the truth. A degree in political science creates great career opportunities in both private sector and government jobs. Mt. Hood Community College is a great place to get started on your degree before transferring to a four-year school.

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Politics affects everything. In this program you'll learn how politics affects the world around us, even how you think, eat, dress, socialize, and work. Once you know how, you can begin to understand what is going on around you and better think for yourself.

Your future

Once you complete your associate degree at MHCC, you will most likely want to continue at another four-year university to complete your bachelor’s degree. We make it easy and partner with schools such as Portland State University and University of Oregon.

How To Get Started

You can start the political science program during any term. Students admitted to MHCC can sign up for classes in the program after reading, writing, and math placement requirements have been met.

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MHCC offers most political science courses at least once a year, and some are available in an online format. While you pursue your political science major, you can complete courses toward the social science and elective requirements for your associate degree.

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