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Western Oregon University

The degree partnership program (DPP) between Western Oregon University (WOU) and MHCC allows students to get the best of what both schools have to offer.

Combine your enrollment at both WOU and MHCC to achieve full-time enrollment for financial aid purposes. Take courses at both schools at the same time. When you are ready to move fully to WOU to complete your degree you will already be an admitted student with connections on campus and a jump start on your program.


How to enroll in the DPP

Not a WOU student yet?

Apply Now

Already a Wolf? Enrolling in the program is easy:

  1. Simply log into your portal home.
  2. Under the “Financial Aid Forms” section, look for the Degree Partnership Program – Declaration
  3. Read the terms and conditions of the program, then check the box to agree and submit your application.

For more information

Visit the WOU Degree Partnership Program website.