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MHCC Student Employment

The Mt. Hood Community College Student Employment Office promotes student success by offering valuable, paid work experience that helps students reach their career goals. To achieve this mission, we offer part-time jobs to eligible students. 

Through these experiences, we aim to help students:

  • Build employment skills
  • Enhance academic learning
  • Benefit our community
  • Provide financial support to reduce student burden

There are two types of student employment positions at MHCC—Federal Work-Study and student aide. If you have questions, email us and please include your MHCC student ID number in your message.


Federal Work-Study Positions

The work-study program encourages students to earn-and-learn by finding part-time employment while enrolled in classes to earn instead of borrowing money to pay for education-related expenses. Work-study allows students to work, and learn, with schedule flexibility and supervisors who understand the need to achieve a balance between school and work. Not all students receive work-study awards, and eligibility is decided largely by information on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®). You must apply for financial aid by submitting the FAFSA® to decide if you are eligible for work-study.

Federal Work-Study Program 

How do I find a work-study job?

If you receive financial aid from MHCC and have a work-study award as part of your financial aid package, you can create an account and apply for work-study jobs in our career and job search platform, Handshake.

MHCC Student Aides

Student aides must be enrolled in at least six credits, though they can enroll in less than six credits for one term only. Student aide wages are paid out of departmental funds instead of financial aid. Due to this funding aspect, there are fewer jobs than for work-study, but there are still many departments that hire student aides. 


How do I find a student aide job?

You can create an account using your Saints email and search for jobs in our career and job search platform, Handshake.

Student Employee FAQs

No. You don’t have to earn all of your award, but that is the largest amount that you may earn per term. If you do not earn all of your award, it will not be added to your next term’s award amount.

Work-study students must maintain satisfactory academic progress throughout the year to stay earning work-study. Your work-study employment may be canceled if you fail to complete the number of credits you have agreed to complete. In addition, to earn your work-study award each academic year, you must apply for financial aid each year. Each financial aid application covers summer through spring terms.

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