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Student Conduct Process

We are dedicated to creating a safe and respectful community for all students. This process outlines rules and responsibilities, ensuring a fair and positive environment. It's important to know how it works, so let's explore the key details together.

A student who is alleged to have violated the Mt. Hood Community College Student Code of Conduct will be asked to meet with the conduct administrator or designee. The purpose of the meeting is fourfold: 

  • Review the allegation with you
  • Investigate the situation to obtain information from you
  • Provide you an opportunity to respond to the allegation
  • Review possible disciplinary action that could be taken if found in violation of the student code of conduct

You may bring an advisor or representative with you to this meeting as described in the Mt. Hood Community College Student Code of Conduct.

View the Student Code of Conduct


Students wishing to appeal a disciplinary action should submit a student conduct appeal form. Appeals must be submitted within five (5) calendar days of receiving their decision letter, as documented by U.S. Postal Service delivery tracking, or email notification. Appeals are only considered based on the following: 

  • Demonstrating that the administrative hearing deviated from the procedures outlined in the code.
  • Demonstrating that the imposed sanction(s) was inappropriate for the code violation.
  • Considering directly relevant information not known to the conduct officer, and not known to the student at the time of the hearing.
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