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We want all TRIO students to feel empowered to learn and succeed. It matters to us that you feel understood. Learn about the people who will be by your side in the TRIO Student Support Services (TRIO-SSS) and TRIO Educational Talent Search (TRIO-ETS) programs. Want to learn more? We’re happy to help. Please email the TRIO programs or call 503-491-7688.

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Roseann Rivera, M.S.
Director of TRIO Programs

Bio: Born and raised near Oakland, CA, I grew up privy to the systems that marginalize underrepresented communities. As the first in my family to finish high school and pursue a college degree, I truly grasp the many opportunities having a college degree can provide. I am committed to the values of diversity, inclusion, student growth, and the change needed to increase the number of people from underrepresented students in college and stamp out the cycle of hardship that keeps these groups from reaching their goals. I love the work of TRIO and its impact on students.

Education: Master of Science, educational leadership and policy, specialization in policy and government relations; Bachelor of Science, political science

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Nicci Harwood, M.S. (she/her)
Program Coordinator, TRIO Student Support Services

Bio: I was a first-generation college student who grew up in Eugene, Oregon. I know that school is the key to people setting and reaching their goals. I am committed to helping students in finding their path and designing a plan that will allow them to reach their goals. I am devoted to seeing first-generation and non-traditional students earn degrees, transform their lives and change their futures. Diversity, equity, inclusion, and acceptance should be engrained in all aspects of schools.

Fun Fact: I love animals! Some of my favorites are manatees, turtles, llamas, and sloths.

Education: Master of Science, education: policy, foundations, and administration; Bachelor of Arts, sociology

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Erik Ruch, M.S.
Program Coordinator, TRIO Educational Talent Search

Bio: I was not what you would call a "good student" in middle school and high school. In college I dropped out of school on three separate occasions. It is why I'm so committed to working to eliminate the barriers to success that so many students face. As part of TRIO I have been fortunate to collaborate with so many people dedicated to this work.

Fun Fact: I worked as a cook for many years. Even though it's not my job anymore, the love is still there. My free time is often spent attempting to perfect a particular food or dish

Education: Master of Science, Educational Leadership & Policy, Portland State University; Bachelor of Arts, History, Portland State University.

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Amy Potter, M.A.
Academic Adviser, TRIO Educational Talent Search

Bio: I moved a lot as a kid. I lived in Kentucky, Indiana, Chicago, Ohio and Minnesota by the time I was ten. As a young adult, I spent five years living, studying and working in Costa Rica, India, and Bolivia. In 2000, I moved to Portland where I've been working to support students' academic, social and emotional success for eighteen years. At Portland Community College, I worked with Migrant Head Start teachers in a partnership called Adelante Maestros. I then worked with high school students as the Director for Upward Bound, a TRIOprogram. After the birth of my twins (I have three kids), I left PCC to pursue part-time work in the nonprofit sector - first as the Program Director for Reading Results and later as a Database Manager for Camp Fire. My husband and I also started an organization at our children’s school where we work directly with parents to learn about and practice skills in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. I'm thrilled to be working with middle and high students as the TRIO adviser at Centennial School District!

Education: Masters of Arts, Conflict Resolution with an emphasis on building cultural competency in institutions of higher education, Portland State University; Bachelor of Arts Sociology/Anthropology with a minor in Environmental Studies, Carleton College.

Fun Fact:I am the dragon that my three kids try to slay, the human that throws the frisbee for the pooch, and the family top chef. We spend a lot of time camping (even in the snow), hiking, x-country skiing, playing music together, and racing roly polies – the only terrestrial crustaceans on the planet!

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