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Frequently Asked Questions

Student Financial Services Frequently Asked Questions

You need to pay on the first day of the term.

It's your responsibility to check if you got added to a class from the waiting list.

Most likely, you haven't paid your tuition.

Your scholarship/financial aid may not have been applied to your account or it may not cover all the charges. Call the financial aid office at 503-491-7262 to check the status of your financial aid.

No, the college cannot make special payment arrangements.

You reserved a spot in that class and are responsible for payment.

Make sure the authorization has been sent to accounts receivable. Bills are issued to all students before the term starts.

Regardless of when you receive financial aid, you need to pay your tuition. There might be a delay in your financial aid. Call the financial aid at 503-491-7262 to check your application status.

No, the college cannot make special payment arrangements.

If you owe money from a previous term, you won't be able to register for the next term.


Your account is active and accruing late fees if there's a balance. If your petition is approved, the late fees will be waived.

Unless we have a signed consent form, we can't give you any information about your child's account. Students can set up authorized payers through MyMHCC who can view the account balance and pay on their behalf.

The admissions and records department can tell you if your child is enrolled, but not if they're attending their classes. The student is responsible for payment, whether they attend class or not.

Please check our refund policy.

Tuition and Fees

MHCC is here to help you understand and pay your tuition and fees. Call the financial aid office with questions at 503-491-7262

Tuition and fees