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Billing Policies

By registering for any class or receiving any service from MHCC, you accept full responsibility to pay all tuition, fees and other associated costs assessed because of your registration and/or receipt of services. If you have an unpaid balance after the second Friday of each term a financial hold will be placed on your account. This hold will stop you from registering for classes.

You are expected to attend all classes that you’re enrolled in. If you do not attend classes or stop attending classes and fail to drop classes by the drop deadline in the published schedule, you will be responsible for all tuition and fees.

All tuition, fees, and associated costs are due in full by the first day of the term.


If you fail to pay your student account bill by the scheduled due date and fail to bring your account current within 90 days, we may give it to an outside collection agency to collect the debt. Before doing that, we will try to notify you by mail about your balance due. We cannot make special payment arrangements to avoid involving a collection agency.

Once your account is referred to a collection agency, you will be required to pay all reasonable collection fees up to 20% of your student account balance. You will also be responsible for all the costs, expenses, and reasonable attorneys’ fees incurred in collecting the debt. Any arrangements for repayment will be made with the outside collection agency. We reserve the right to restrict future registration until your balance is paid in full.

You are responsible for keeping your student records up to date with your current physical address, email address, and phone numbers. By providing your contact information, you authorize MHCC or the outside collection agency to contact you using the information you have provided.

The Oregon Department of Revenue may withhold your tax refund and send it to us as payment toward your outstanding debt. Your social security number may be used for external/internal credit reporting and collection purposes for all past due charges.

Tuition and Fees
MHCC is here to help you understand and pay your tuition and fees.