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Third-Party Billing

Payment arrangements with an employer or other sponsoring agency must be pre-approved by the college. This is done by submitting an authorization form to the accounts receivable department by the third week before the beginning of the term. If you miss that deadline, we will still accept your authorization. If your employer or sponsoring agency does not pay, you will be responsible for all unpaid charges on your account, including late fees and service fees.

Beginning and ending dates of each term:

  • Winter 2024 - Jan. 8, 2024 to March 23, 2024
  • Spring 2024 - April 1, 2024 to June 15, 2024

There will be a $5 fee per student every term to cover processing and billing. This fee is charged to the employer or sponsoring agency on the invoices that are sent out during the second week of the term.

Late payments

  • If the invoice is not paid by the agency in 45 days, it may be removed, and the charges can be returned to your account.
  • All charges returned to your account are your responsibility to pay. If this happens, we will send you a bill and you will need to contact your employer or sponsoring agency.
  • The charges returned to your account are due two weeks after you get your bill.
  • If you do not pay your bill, you will have late fees up to $60 and that could stop you from registering for classes. You could also be sent to a collection agency.

Please have your employer or sponsoring agency contact accounts receivable for an authorization form and more information.

Contact Information
Accounts Receivable
Phone: 503-491-6070
Fax: 503-491-7275
Email: [email protected]

Mailing Address:
Mt Hood Community College Accounts Receivable
26000 SE Stark
Gresham, Oregon 97030
Federal Taxpayer ID 93-0546890

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